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Reminds me alot of a new style of PT! I loved playing through it... even if i was scared the WHOLE time..

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So excited you loved it, please leave us a rating if you want!

nice game. very good graphics and awesome game.i really enjoyed this game..good work 

You forgot this...

1) When i press Esc Button that time dialogue or story line ( vice ) not pause....

nice Game......


Thanks for your feedback :) 

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Awesome game and great design, i loved it. Great Job!


I really enjoyed this one!

We're glad to hear that!

Enjoyed the game. Ran across a few bugs though. The lamp I was carrying around kind of disappeared, and every time I tried to skip through the credits it would restart the credits sequence. Not sure if intentional, but it led me to press the windows button on my keyboard and exit out of the game that way. 

I should also mention that it was sometimes hard to see the doors during later portions of the game.

Thank you for the feedback. As stated previously this was a student project so we had very limited time. Some things just didn't fit into our schedule, unfortunately. 


Pretty good work, the environment looks nice, the sounds are pretty good, and the whole thing worked well.  I did bug out a lamp, but otherwise it ran smooth.  The voice acting was also very good, personally I wasn't that into the story, it fit the mood and time period it seemed to be in, just wasn't all that catching for me.  Something about the jump scares also weren't all that catching, but it is very well made and I did enjoy the experience.  This is the second game in the video - 12:23

Thank you!

I like it)

Nice :)


Nice :))

REALLY enjoyed the experience, it felt well paced and the voice acting was pretty good. interested to see what you do in the future! 

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it.

Fun little game! I NEED MORE!!!!

Link to my channel (opens in new tab)

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About the game, I do like the idea of adding the element of PT to tell the story of the protagonist and his loved one but I felt that maybe more context could be given about the event like maybe more imagery that causes the player to feel like they are living through the events that happened through the protagonist eyes so that they can relate more to the protagonist. I also felt that there could have been more interaction with the surroundings and surrounding items like puzzles to unlock memories.

Overall it has a great storyline and a great horror atmosphere so keep up the good work!

Thank you for reading my comment :).

its interesting and fun to see people mess around with the P.T. style element (going in circles in a place and things change and progressively get scarier and scarier) and watching people adding their twist into the mix. This was a really good P.T. inspired game. I had a blast playing the game. Also got a "Layers of fear" vibe which i really liked. One thing i didn't get, I'm kinda tarded but i didn't really understand the mask meaning lol. anyways keep up the amazing work my amigos i hope you guys put out more content like this. i did a small play-through if anyone wants to check it out :D

Very well made game. It gave me alot of Layers of Fear vibes XD I hope to see more from you in the future :)

btw, here is my video

Wow, I was scared all troughout the game, especially during the middle part where i never knew what to expect.

Lovely graphics and narration! Enjoy my amateur playthrough.

Thumbs up from me I think that it's incredible that a team of devs came come together and bring a interesting piece to the horror game universe

Thank you so much!

the guy who did the voice acting was WAY TOO CALM but overall its a great game, also im pretty sure i can take on whoever was in the house 

This is really great, and the voice acting is spot on, I really hope you continue to develop this and add to the story 🙂

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I hate silence in horror games! But I loved the steady build and psychological horror. 


This short little horror games was a lot of fun! 

At first I thought it would just be another PT clone (and even though it is based off the idea) it has a story you can work out as you go, and lots of nice little moments that are creepy and fun to play through!

Great work, I'll definitely keep an eye out for your other work!

Here's my playthrough for anyone interested:

Thank you!

This is one of the best P.T. clones out there. I don't care for P.T. or anything like it. However, this game surprised me in the best way possible. The narrative kept me interested and the loops were interesting. The world had life to it; other P.T. clones lack this.


Wow. Thank you so much!

This was a phenomenal psychological horror experience! Great pacing with the story telling, a few good scares, and gorgeously creepy environment. Here's my playthrough:


Thank you so much for your kind words!


I found Avarice to be one of the better horror games I’ve played recently. It’s nice to have a story and characters you can attach yourself to, even if they aren’t the focus of the project. I was admittedly a little wary at first of the “psychological horror” game tropes that litters so many scary games now, but this one has a nice twist to the formula that goes its own way. I’m especially impressed that the game was made by students; Avarice is better than some horror games made by industry veterans. Excellent work, I look forward to more! 


Thank you so much for your kind words! We sincerely appreciate it, and we're so glad you enjoyed it!


Really interesting game, Good to see that P.T inspirations are still going. Loved the concept of it. The atmosphere and sound creepy and well made, Would love to see more games like this 

Thanks, we love P.T. too. Glad you enjoyed our little game :)


I really like the game. Atmosphere was there and story was interesting. Nicely done. 


Thank you for your kind words! Glad you enjoyed it


This game had a clear inspiration from PT, but works it around into it's own narrative and uses the loops to progress the story in an interesting way.

It's a great student project, and I'd love to see what you could do with a full development cycle.

Thank you very much, we're glad you enjoyed the experience!

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I loved this demo! The game looked amazing and did a preety good job of unnerving me. I can't wait to see the full game. If you are interested in my gameplay I'll link it below.

Really cool game!  Had fun trying it out!  

hi, big thx for the great demo. greetings from rosti

Played this over the weekend and loved it, atmosphere was spot on and dialogue was nicely done hope you guys do well in the future good luck!

Heres my playthrough of the game!

Very well done! I enjoyed this a lot! 


This game truly had pt vibe, i also find similarities with layers of fear! I kind of rushed this game and i wanna apologize it. But i still enjoyed! I liked how the rooms were telling stories as well like the red room. 

I also played this to my channel

Gave it a go, couldn't find it spook though.

I did upload a video of this but something about copyright came up underneath which i have no idea about so deleted the video haha 1 hell of a game though!


You should have no issues with copyright. The song is old enough to no longer have any copyright associated with it, and is now free to use, the copyright notice you saw was most likely just stating the name of the song and it's origin. Thanks for playing though! 

Cool i'll re-upload and post the vid then thanks!

Awesome game. Great graphics and atmosphere, and I really liked the story, the guy narrating had a good voice for it.

Did have an issue clicking on door handles though, it was very picky on the position. Same with opening the suitcase.


Hey there, just wanted to say that this was a really fantastic little game; especially as a student project! The story you managed to tell through both the narration and the gameplay was really well thought out. I really appreciate the themes involved and the questions about what's literally happening and what may be more metaphorical are great.

I hope you continue on with more games, it's obvious you guys have tons of potential and a great grasp of gameplay as story telling! :D 


Thank you so much for your very kind words! We appreciate you :)

I enjoyed the concept twist of the P.T-esc. Few bugs here and there but other than that, I really enjoyed my twenty minutes with the game. Though that ending was... interesting. 


I like the overall implementation of the game it has a good atmosphere and it felt like a cohesive experience.

A few suggestions:

-Disable the SteamVR and Oculus plugins. With them enabled the game will start steamvr and set the the audio source to a VR headset if one is connected. This will also cause performance issues.

-When exiting pause screens set input mode to game only to capture mouse after closing the pause menu.

-The game resolution was set to higher than my default resolution so a lot of the screen was cut off including the subtitles.

-The Ra statue has no geometry underneath it so when you rotate it you see through the mesh.

Thank you. This is actually really good feedback for us, we're obviously still learning so thanks for letting us know! These are all amazing tips.

wow this game really freaked me out alot 

that means it did his job well

really good job guys

this is my gameplay



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Hi, I've played this game and think it is really well done! However I do have some feedback, I understand that it is a student project but it would be nice if there was more use of self - designed assets. I believe you're using the Horror Engine for UE4 to make this game, One other thing that I noticed is that the UI is buggy this is because you have to re-configure it in the blueprint system. Other than that very well done hope you get a good mark for the project!


Thank you! Unfortunately we do not have much training in 3D modeling as we are game design students, so we focus more on what makes a game good and fun! We used a lot of premade assets, but ensured to give them sufficient credit and ofcourse paid for said assets. Thank you for your feedback! Im glad you enjoyed it overall :)

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