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I really enjoyed this game. Made me feel like I was back in my Amnesia days!

This was really good, I absolutely love the voice acting and the visuals were great too. I do think some volume adjusting settings would have been nice, but other than that, absolutely no complaints. The part in the basement creeped me out the most, all those sounds were making my skin crawl. 



Really good story in the game, and I love a good story.

Played this a few months ago on stream and never got around to posting it here. It had some interesting puzzles and lore to it, definitely glad I gave it a try :)

WOW nice game (pt like) nice story and graphics. Immersive sound good work

What’s the name of the song that you guys put in the game? You know, the one that sounds really old timey?

Al Jolson - Avalon (1920)

thank for this game !

I enjoyed my time on this game, a decent horror game 🙂

The P.T. inspirations were clearly there, but overall good storytelling.

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This is a reaaaallly well made game. Everything was SPOOKY PERFECT

What a game! It was really creepy and what a surprising ending! We found some bugs but you still made an amazing job! Keep it up!

Really liked this game.  Gave me the creeps at parts!


That was so cool, I was surprised at how much the house felt like it changed as you progressed. The story was interesting, it reminded me of a Poe story, of all of the darkness in the world that can destroy you.

I was not expecting the end, but it does seem the hauntings are justified, hopefully it brings him atonement.


You did an incredible job at creating a very creepy atmosphere. Great job! 

I really enjoyed this game the atmosphere and graphics are really well done as well as the story if you would like to see my playthrough here it is: 

enjoy: 😎👍

 horror game
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Since I deleted the original video I made on this game I decided to pay it a revisit. Still pretty good holds up very well, you should definitely work on modifiable graphical settings so people with low end GPU's like me can play the game without frame issues.

This is a wonderful short game! Did not expect voice acting at all, let alone good VA. Of course, it's very P.T., and this game highlights the strengths of that core idea of guilt and ghosts that may just be in your head, albeit no less real. Very excited to see what's next from DarkMode!

Extremely well made, it's a crime you don't charge people money for your work my man, EVERYBODY NEEDS TO DONATE lol

Very good Game!!
Please more from this!!!!

This game had no right to be as scary as it was. This was an awesome experience. In case my thoughts in the video were messy, the atmosphere was amazing, your pacing in the story was executed perfectly, your scares had a great punch especially with the help of the setting. This game was one of, if not the best horror game I've played yet! Keep it up!

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Thank you! Very kind words, we appreciate it :)


This is such a nice polished game, and the voice acting is the best I've seen in a while in an Indie Horror game. Gave a nice Victorian Gothic horror feel. Definitely recommend. 

Thanks! Glad to see people are still enjoying the game :)

The voice acting was perfect in every aspect, he attracts a lot of sympathy without feeling pitiful.

Thank you! I'll let him know you said that.

The game was good, I was really invested in it, hope for more games like this from the devs :)  NB: Copyright was picked up by YouTube

This game is awesome! Highly detailed, well made and the atmosphere is scary. Loved it all. ( copywrite material was caught by YouTube though.) Game here: 

Subscribe please!

Excelent game! I enjoy it so much!!!

Check out the gameplay on my new YouTube channel and subscribe if you like!

Game was very atmospheric, excellent graphics and voice acting. Lacked a little with the scares, but at least avoided the typical jump scares. Has great potential to be the next Layers of Fear.

would not load at all after several attempts and over an hour of trying nothing would load after I unzipped the game.

Good game very decent scares could have added a jumpscare but other than that it was brilliant i loved the story that it had to it wonderful wish i could have made a video. Really creepy

This game is insane! Please watch it and subscribe! 

Beautiful game with a great atmosphere. Really gets you attached to the story and the characters quicly.

Would love to possibly see this game evolve into more


So I know this will likely to remain a demo, but I did like it, even though i'm a bit dumb for not realising what  the name of the game meant when I recorded it xD
Anyhow, this is my take on this P.T. 1900-s stuff, hopy you'll enjoy watching certified idiot play it

Very well made, The Escalation of the atmosphere was really well down. Great game.
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The game spooked me out!

Unfortunately, the video was flagged for copyright because of the song on the radio, haha. So there is about 30 seconds of silence where the music should have been.

Thanks for the experience! Also, the addition of voice acting was awesome.

How can i remove the motion blur?

Hi, unfortunately this is not an option at the moment and will unlikely be in the future as we are no longer working on the project. 

Very impressed by your game. I had goosebumps almost through the entire game. Would love to see more of your work.

Unfortunately we are no longer doing games together. If you would like to see my personal work then feel free to follow @PXLRN on twitter for updates on my game!

-Connor Thorpe


Of course. I'd love to see more of your work.


I thought this was great & I was legit tense & loved the atmosphere.  The production value, sound design, voice acting, pretty much all of it was top notch. 

(especially impressive since I have NOT found most PT-like games to come close to that original horrifying experience)

Thank you for your kind comments! :)

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