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P.T. with a twist

Avarice is a first-person, narrative-driven horror game set in the 1900s, where you experience a broken man’s descent into mental hell. You play as Edward Armitage, a renowned explorer, returning home from an expedition gone wrong. Throughout the game, you experience a gripping narrative going through the curious mind of a man and his interpretation of untold events.

It's up to you to piece it all together.


Q: Do I need a good PC to run this game?

You need a decent PC for the game to run smoothly.

Q: Is there a saving system in this game?

Sadly there is no saving system, however the game is fairly short and can be finished in 30 minutes to an hour.

Q: How long did it take you to make this game?

We spent two and a half months developing this game.

Q: Is the download safe?

Yes, the download is safe. We unfortunately as students can not afford EV certification, that is why you may get a security pop up. Ignore this, our game is clean.

Q: I found a bug in the menu! You have to click twice!

Yeah, we know about this bug and we tried to fix it for a long time. Unfortunately it's a limitation of the framework we built the game on and we didn't have time to rebuild the framework.

Q: Do i need both files to run the game?

No, you do not need both files to run Avarice.
The setup is an installer that installs the game and does the work for you. You get a shortcut and an unistaller to remove the game when you're done.

The zipped file means you need to extract the game files yourself from the zip archive and locate the .exe file yourself.

Q: Who are you guys?

We are a small student team based in Oslo, Norway.


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So I know this will likely to remain a demo, but I did like it, even though i'm a bit dumb for not realising what  the name of the game meant when I recorded it xD
Anyhow, this is my take on this P.T. 1900-s stuff, hopy you'll enjoy watching certified idiot play it

Very well made, The Escalation of the atmosphere was really well down. Great game.
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The game spooked me out!

Unfortunately, the video was flagged for copyright because of the song on the radio, haha. So there is about 30 seconds of silence where the music should have been.

Thanks for the experience! Also, the addition of voice acting was awesome.

How can i remove the motion blur?

Hi, unfortunately this is not an option at the moment and will unlikely be in the future as we are no longer working on the project. 

Very impressed by your game. I had goosebumps almost through the entire game. Would love to see more of your work.

Unfortunately we are no longer doing games together. If you would like to see my personal work then feel free to follow @PXLRN on twitter for updates on my game!

-Connor Thorpe


Of course. I'd love to see more of your work.


I thought this was great & I was legit tense & loved the atmosphere.  The production value, sound design, voice acting, pretty much all of it was top notch. 

(especially impressive since I have NOT found most PT-like games to come close to that original horrifying experience)

Thank you for your kind comments! :)


I played through the game and actually uploaded my gameplay to my channel. For being such a small team, this is incredibly impressive! The art, atmosphere, music, story, and voice-acting were all superb! I know that you all may have moved on to other products individually, but I truly hope that you make another game together. I loved how everything felt real, rather than just being a soulless hallway. Thank you for this, I hope to see more some day!

Thank you for your very kind comment! We appreciate you very much, maybe someday we'll get together again for a project. In the meantime feel free to follow our individual progress too :) 

Thank all of you for making this! Where exactly do I look for your individual projects? I'll have to check them out!

I can tell you where to find mine atleast:


Or @PXLRN on Twitter

Currently working on a couple mobile games, one of which is a huge revamp of a previous work I called Slice Knight. It's on the website, I'm making a huge update with new chars, skins and tweaks to a bunch of game mechanics. 

// Connor Thorpe - Game Designer and producer :) 


I just looked into Slice Knight, it actually looks quite fun. I hope it all goes well! Any ideas on time frames? Also, congratulations on getting here!

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Hey again, sorry for the late reply. It's looking like it will release within the next month :)

-Connor Thorpe

Hey! Part of your game is also available on my channel's fun video!

It was a fun little game, good work

I adore the fact that you added sound for when someone climbs up the bed and walks off of it. Small detail that can be easily missed if you play the game properly (unlike me lol). Great game, great scares. Here is my playthrough of it!

If you want to enjoy this game and have some good laughs check this video out

Really Enjoyed this game, I loved the atmosphere in this game I hope to see more like this in the future. Really a great and interesting game
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I've played this on my channel months ago and also recommend everyone to play it, story is great too. enjoy watching! 



Created By Jaboblu
This game was bone chilling, I love a scary game that catches me of guard.

Love the thumbnail man! Hope you enjoyed the game! 

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Great game!!! the story, the textures, the feeling of it all... amazing work. Thank you DEVS for sharing it with us!

Here is my gameplay, if you subscribe that would be amazing and very much appreciated!

stuck in the main menu, halp pls

Nice love it, just jump of my seat.
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Loved it!  Atmosphere 10/10, well done.  Cheers!

Pros and cons are down below) Check out my vid, it turned out pretty funny:


1. Very spooky! I liked the jumpscares and pacing. How you built up the suspense and the tension. Great job!

2. The visuals are awesome! I really liked admiring the environment, looking at paintings e.t.c. Btw Peter the Great - Russian tsar is a very nice choice) He is hella fab)

3. The sound design is cool. I didn't get what was that eating -my-brains-from-my-ear in the basement, but overall it sounded very demonic and out of this world.

Disadvantages (points for noting and further developing):

1. I would like to see a fricking HUGE monster running after the main character near the end of the game. Monster's roars were lit! Maybe not in this game, but I would be really glad to see your works with HUGE monsters.

2. I guess a little bit more work with environment would be nice (with its changing). I mean some not obvious changes are appreciated and spook a lot upon noticing. Like changing the faces on the paintings or statues.

3. The closet was promicing - use its potential. The door made you come in the room literally scratching the closet. If something would jump out at you and you have nowhere to back out (because of the door) - super scary!


The game is awesome. Recommend checking it out a lot! Hope you will find some of my suggestions interesting and use it in your projects) or not - that is also fine) 5/5

Hope my feedback was useful!


eally great game it was really fun and it was terrifying 100/100

Haven't played yet, Love the Lovecraftian references in description.


This was really cool to play! Good job on setting the atmosphere. The art direction is well done. I would have appreciate a wee bit more light later in the game to see where to go.

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Avarice is a beautiful, creepy, scary horror game that grabs hold of you and keeps you on your toes throughout the entire experience. You never know what's coming. This really is an amazing game that definitely won't go unnoticed.

Very good game. I had a problem with the lamp :'D

Thx for the game.

I don't think we are supposed to carry the lamp around. It wasn't really necessary anyway. It was fun trying to though.


such a beautiful game and story :")


Thank you!

Great game. hard for me to play though as my computer is not the best. i feel like you guys should add in graphics options for people with lower-end PC's.


This was very interesting to play! Kind of creepy (I'm almost to the point where nothing scares me), but everything was balanced in my opinion. I actually solved some of the puzzles by chance without really looking or searching (I usually like to look around), but the creepiness level was definitely an impressive touch! I was entrapped by the sense that the next time I go through the house, something WILL happen. I wasn't expecting the hellish part though. 

Okay, enough rambling. I love it, it was one of my first to play in itch.io. Great job in the development.

Thank you so much for your detailed experience. Glad you enjoyed it! Feel free to leave a rating too :)


Good Game , vey nice job , atmosphere is cool ;)

Thank you :) Leave a rating if you enjoyed


Legit a very awesome game. The night we played this itch was having some glitch problems but we will play it again. Either way loved the game. Check it out!

Thanks man! Feel free to leave a rating!



VERY good game! Impressive that it was made in two months! Going back to donate more for your work! Thank you!

Wow! Thank you so much for that amazing donation. We're super thankful. Also very glad you enjoyed the game, we didn't catch the stream unfortunately but hopefully they enjoyed it too!

all jokes aside. i like this game!

Excellent story and atmosphere! Really got me creeped out. Congrats on a great job devs 👍




This was a cool horror experience! It was different than I was expecting but in a good way!

I usually hate these but good job

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It was awesome! I would love to see more updates to the stories that follow.

[한국인을 위한 댓글: For Korean gamers]

말그대로 PT 스타일 공포게임입니다. 배가 충돌하는 해상사고가 있은 후 정신적인 트라우마를 겪는 주인공이 겪는 (아마도) 현실세계가 아닌 곳에서의(배 안에서의) 이야기입니다. 짧지만 공포 분위기를 밀도있게 구현해냈습니다~! 추천!

Just a wee playthrough for you 

Thanks for the unique perspective 

I was skeptical going into this, Avarice compares itself to PT, and I thought how could it possibly stack up against a horror juggernaut like that. Well, the game does not disappoint. In my time playing I felt a lot of the same feelings I had while playing PT but Avarice has a much more clear straightforward story. I wish more horror games were made this well, a lot of games on this website feel, unfinished, this does not. Awesome job developer, I can't wait to see more of your work. If anyone wants to see what my experience was like you can watch the video below. 

Thank you for your kind words! We really appreciate you. Please rate the game too if you enjoyed :)

Sure thing! Thanks for reading my lengthy post haha. Hope the game continues to gain traction. 

This really was something special. Thank you for making it!


No, thank YOU for playing it.

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