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Hey there, just wanted to say that this was a really fantastic little game; especially as a student project! The story you managed to tell through both the narration and the gameplay was really well thought out. I really appreciate the themes involved and the questions about what's literally happening and what may be more metaphorical are great.

I hope you continue on with more games, it's obvious you guys have tons of potential and a great grasp of gameplay as story telling! :D 


Thank you so much for your very kind words! We appreciate you :)

I enjoyed the concept twist of the P.T-esc. Few bugs here and there but other than that, I really enjoyed my twenty minutes with the game. Though that ending was... interesting. 


I like the overall implementation of the game it has a good atmosphere and it felt like a cohesive experience.

A few suggestions:

-Disable the SteamVR and Oculus plugins. With them enabled the game will start steamvr and set the the audio source to a VR headset if one is connected. This will also cause performance issues.

-When exiting pause screens set input mode to game only to capture mouse after closing the pause menu.

-The game resolution was set to higher than my default resolution so a lot of the screen was cut off including the subtitles.

-The Ra statue has no geometry underneath it so when you rotate it you see through the mesh.

Thank you. This is actually really good feedback for us, we're obviously still learning so thanks for letting us know! These are all amazing tips.

wow this game really freaked me out alot 

that means it did his job well

really good job guys

this is my gameplay



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Hi, I've played this game and think it is really well done! However I do have some feedback, I understand that it is a student project but it would be nice if there was more use of self - designed assets. I believe you're using the Horror Engine for UE4 to make this game, One other thing that I noticed is that the UI is buggy this is because you have to re-configure it in the blueprint system. Other than that very well done hope you get a good mark for the project!


Thank you! Unfortunately we do not have much training in 3D modeling as we are game design students, so we focus more on what makes a game good and fun! We used a lot of premade assets, but ensured to give them sufficient credit and ofcourse paid for said assets. Thank you for your feedback! Im glad you enjoyed it overall :)

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i have a decent pc, the turning is too slow, and the movement is somewhat laggy, and no offence, its a pretty stale storyline. still the graphics were pretty cool

Thanks for your feedback, keep in mind this is a student project and we only had two months. :)

Gracias por este juego, le falto un poco de luz, magnifico. 


No hablo Español, but thank you for playing! Hope you enjoyed :)

Gracias por un juego tan bueno, quiero que cuando hagas más juegos, cuentes conmigo para jugarlos, quiero que si tienes amigos que me puedan proporcionar juegos o códigos clave para jugarlos, sería genial, mi correo electrónico davidlobo2009 @ hotmail, es,  mi canal de Youtube; saludos amigo.
                                   Atte. Placebogamer

Just live streamed this with my girl lol I like some more tweaks and it’ll be great for sure !


That's so cool! Thanks for playing :)

Really great game. Had me looking off screen by the end.

Hah! Then we did our job right, thank you :)

Wow! I really enjoyed playing this. I loved the music and look of the game. Great Work!

Thank you!

The Best Horror Games have always been ones that weren’t specifically just jump scares. Ones that make you feel uneasy and paranoid constantly are the best ones. Great piece of work developer, keep up the fantastic work

We agree! Im glad you feel like we achieved that. Thank you.

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Cool! We love seeing you guys play our game :)

This was good. The P.T style never ceases to spook me! Hope you enjoy the video I made :)

Thank you! Oh we will i can assure you!!

Very impressed by this my dudes, cannot imagine what you could have pulled off in 1-2 years :D

Us neither! 

I enjoyed my time with Avarice! Few games make me swear, but this one got me on edge. 😱 As a student project, this is a great P.T.-type game!

Thank you so much! We can't wait to watch you play it.

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Nice game, loved the P.T Style you had on this game, graphics were finger lickin good (I just cringed lmao). Storyline was great, loved the part when the wife was drowning...., the sound effects were prestigious especially with the mini jumpscares overall it was a excellent example on what a P.T Inspired game could turn out to be, in other words it was great, hope to see more horror games from you guys!


Wow, thank you so much for your kind words! Hopefully we'll get the chance to make more :)

You're welcome!

I enjoyed it. The audio effects were used sparingly but were effective.

Thank you! We're glad you enjoyed it.

the game impressed me so much, it delivered fear and horror without using a creature chasing you, It's fear of the unknown, I love the PT style 

Thank you!

GREAT JOBS AND  cool story
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Thank you!

Full Gameplay+Ending...!!!

Awesome Game, it really got me multiple time. Great Job Dev I appreciated your hard work. Hope to see more stuff like that :)))

Thank you :)

Just add a .rar file if possible....Extract and play will be a better option.

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An archived version is now availabe to download as well :)

This game was a pleasure to make, I hope everyone enjoys playing it, as much as we did making it. 

I am truly proud to be a part of making this game!


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